The Worlds First Multipurpose Distributed Cloud Platform

A supercomputer at your fingertips

GPU Accelerated

Icepick offers CPU + GPU Network computing power with unlimited scalability. Our automatic scheduler and task management system will allow thousands of machines to execute your task in parallel.

Cloud Rendering

Icepick currently supports Cycles and Lux Renderer with more render engines in development.

Platform Agnostic

Icepick works with Windows, Mac and Linux based machines and the machines do not need to have the specified render engine installed to execute the tasks.


Icepick’s automated platform can be used as a local cloud to pool the computing resources of a business together to execute tasks locally. This provides very high bandwidth for extremely fast task execution. If more power is required Icepick offers hybrid or public cloud execution for virtually unlimited computing power when you need it.

Roadmap for Software Support

Icepick is still in development and will launch a private Alpha version before the end of 2018. If you would like to learn more or sign up to test the Alpha please contact us.